Gingerbread House Party, Year 4


Welcome back to Sweetville, USA! We are so excited that your sweet-tooth has not waned after all these years. We would love to show you our newest additions!

Amanda's Sweetville Salon
As you skip along on Peppermint Patty Lane, you will come across the Starlight Mint Salon and Spa. Here you can pamper yourself with chocolate facials, tingly mint body wraps, a Red Hot sauna (sure to set your skin on fire), even sugared manis and pedis. The stylists here can transform your ‘do from flab to cotton candy fab!

Beth's Diner
After a morning of pampering, you need to travel down a ways to Beth’s Diner, where you can find the biggest cinnamon buns in all of Sweetville. We’re not sure of the secret ingredient in the famous hot chocolate, but we keep coming back for more. Whether people are stumbling in after being Twixed all night or looking for a donut to start the day, it’s a warm, cozy place for all to convene.

Jen's Sweet Boutique
You must be asking, where do the townspeople shop if they are looking for some sweet new duds? Why, the Sweet Tart Boutique, of course! It’s the number one stop for all the gingerbread boys and girls looking to get the latest in gum drop buttons and icing apparel. But if you choose to bring your rowdy children, be forewarned, they have a strict “you lick it, you buy it” policy.

Kate's Rave Shack
Sweetville’s hottest new club is the Licorice Rave Shack. Owner Kandy Kate is back with the party that finally answers the question “Are those my chiclets?!?!” It has everything: Skittle magicians, ring-pop pandas, Goobers, and tiny dust-go-rounds. You know, it’s that thing where a midget gets whacked out on pixy sticks while on a sit and spin.

Katie's Sweetville School
For those more into book learnin’ than human traffic cones, the Sweetville School is the place to be. Home of the Fighting Sugar Dragons, this unassuming one-room schoolhouse has turned out some of the greatest innovators in the emerging field of candy studies. Unfortunately, it’s stellar reputation was blemished somewhat when it was revealed that last year’s valedictorian had cheated on her exams by using an Easy-Bake Oven.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and visit Sweetville. Just don’t forget your appetite!

One thought on “Gingerbread House Party, Year 4

  1. Stefon?? Is that you?

    I’m surprised you guys could get him out of NYC to review a club in Sweetville.

    Very cute, Jen.

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