Supper Club Field Trip to Sidney Street Cafe

Jen and I are rational people. We understood that if we hosted a Supper Club on the Wednesday before Christmas, there was no way that the house would be clean by that Saturday. Consequently, we decided to take a field trip to Benton Park and the Sidney Street Cafe. We had been hearing good things about this place for a while and were eager to try a new restaurant.

We were seated in the very back of the restaurant, a dark and intimate room. Our table had a small light and a single candle to illuminate the menu, written on an iPad-sized chalkboard. Our waitress walked us through the appetizers first and we decided to get a variety of offerings to share. The consensus favorite was the veal dumpling, but the shrimp and the crab cake were both really good. The lobster turnover was pretty decent as well. Monika got a ham and an egg that looked great, but was on the other side of the table.

In addition to the appetizers, the bread course was a basket of these incredible little beignets. Hot and soft and sweet and buttery, but each in perfect proportion. So, so good.

The main courses came with either salad or soup. Most went for the salad, but I opted for the soup and it was awesome. The girls liked their salads as well. When the entrees came out, we were ready, and we were not disappointed. I ordered the filet béarnaise (that’s filet, lobster and béarnaise sauce — decadent!) which was served with roasted seasonal veggies and mashed potatoes. Jen had the pecan encrusted rabbit with roasted root vegetables, basil sausage, and rabbit jus. Katie had the pork chops, Kim had the filet, Kate had the rib eye and Monika had the whiskey strip. Before we got down to business, we portioned up our meals so everyone could try each dish. Each dish was awesome in its own unique way, but I must say I preferred my filet. I mean, lobster and steak — come on!

To finish, we got three deserts and spread them around. First up was the pot au creme. Basically mousse-like, the chocolate was smooth and creamy and topped with peppermint cotton candy. The dark chocolate turtle brownie was super rich and hella tasty. The last dessert was some sort of pastry with lemon ice cream and a blood-orange sauce; it was a nice balance to the richness of the chocolate.

A definite recommendation to this place: 12 thumbs up!

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