The Peimanns’ Ugly Christmas Sweater Party 2010

Future anthropologists will have a hard time telling if 20- and 30-somethings in the year 2010 were just poorly dressed around the holidays, or were simply incapable of expressing their feelings for the holiday season sartorially without a heavy dose of irony. The beauty of the Ugly Sweater Party is that you really can have it both ways.

The Sherrons

Matt and Amanda continued their yuletide tradition in fine fashion this year. As always, the competition for the ugliest sweater was heated. Here are the finalists:

Guy Sweaters

Girl Sweaters

And the winners:

The Winners!

Ryan went the extra mile with the old dove-on-the-shoulder trick, while Sarah’s classic sweater vest benefitted from a strong voting bloc against Amanda’s cousins.

The founder of the feast (Matt) scored a sixer of Big Flats, the house label beer at Walgreen’s.

Big Flats Experiment

We decided it would be a good idea for us all to try it to see how good a $2.99 six pack could be.


It tasted like regret.

Big Flats: Thumbs Down!

We could not even ironically enjoy Big Flats, although I’m sure some skinny-jeaned hipster will find a way, probably via taste bud castration from smoking too many Parliaments.

To be completely earnest, we all had a great time and are looking forward to next year. Click here to see all the pictures.

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