The Shi Wedding Weekend

The new couple
Congratulations, Yao and Sheena! After having this date written down in my calendar for well over a year, it has finally come, your wedding day. And of course, it was a weekend affair.

Friday night started off with the rehearsal at the Provincial Chapel on UMSL’s campus. It’s a beautiful chapel, tucked away behind the Provincial House. I was tapped to be in charge of the ceremony music (eek!) and was a nervous wreck about it. I mean, the power of the wedding music was in my hands and I didn’t want to accidentally start playing “I’m Too Sexy.” Thank goodness for rehearsals, I was able to go through the music and the timing.

Yao and Kenny
After making sure that we all knew where we were going and what we were doing, we headed over to dinner catered by Candicci’s. It was a low-key affair, just good food and good company.

White people
We didn’t want the night to end so we took the party to a local bar and celebrated, with Yao, his last night of bachelorhood. The man does not know what he’s getting into.

First kiss
The day of the wedding was overcast and dreary but that didn’t dampen our excitement for the day. I was able to make it through the ceremony without screwing up the music and even got a up close and personal seat in the front of the church to watch my friends pledge their everlasting love to one another. I was able to hold back the tears, probably because I couldn’t really hear them.

The reception was held at Orlando Gardens down in South County. It was a nicely appointed reception hall, with a lovely lobby greeting you as you walked in. Kenny’s best man speech was impressive, considering that he did not prepare for it and Yao’s dad encouraged babies.

After the typical buffet spread, the real party began. Now, I have to say, their reception was pretty fabulous in that they had the DJ turn the latter part of the evening into a dance club. Our group of friends took over the dance floor and never left. But that’s to be expected, we are all that awesome.
Dance Party!

My harem

Jen and Sheena



Teach me how to Dougie

For more pictures of our night of debauchery, just click here.

And can you believe this? Sunday morning, they had us over for brunch, with Yao cooking! Crazy! But we did relive the highlights of the night before and share stories with one another.

Woo! You are now married, welcome to the club!

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