Happy Birthday, Katie!

Woo! Welcome to the club! I know it was painful the days leading up to it, but now that you celebrated it, it wasn’t so bad now, was it? The joys of being 30!

To start of the evening, we had dinner down at Boogaloo, a Cuban restaurant down in Maplewood.
The Table at Boogaloo
I have heard good things about this place and it did not disappoint. Monika had made the reservations and actually spoke with the chef, Mike Johnson, and he hooked us up with some great smoked ribs and wings. They were a huge hit at the table. Some other food highlights were the Brazil Nut Encrusted Manchego Cheese, Plantain Tostones, Jerk Chicken Wings, Creole Jambalaya, and the Jerk Chicken Sandwich (basically, everything I tasted). A return trip to this place is a must! Thanks, Mike, for the great food and great atmosphere!

After downing enough alcohol to be dangerous, we all headed to the Piano Bar at Harrah’s (damn you Jive and Wail for closing, it would have been so convenient). Kim was in contact with one of the piano players and it was his birthday also so he hooked us up with some coupons.

We were able to get her on stage:
Delivered her a present:
Katie's admirer
And Steve, her brother, gave her something to remember the evening:
What's giant and purple and floats just above your head?
Happy birthday, lady! I hope you enjoyed the night as much as I did!

Here are the rest of the pictures from the evening.

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