Supper Club: Blackthorn Pub

Black Thorn
You don’t see it advertised, you don’t hear about it on the TV or the radio, they don’t have a website. Only word of mouth: Blackthorn. It’s the best kept secret in St. Louis for outstanding pizza. If you talk to anyone about where to get some great pizza, they will highly recommend this place.

After hearing about it for years from friends, we finally took the plunge and headed down to South City to see what all the hooplah was about. When you first walk in, you’re definitely thinking: “What a dive. Seriously, this is the place?” It’s small and dark, with a long wooden bar, scarred from years of patrons. It is definitely not a place where people wait on you, you have to go to them for the drinks and food. Once we ordered, we waited. And waited. And waited. It has been said that it takes a while for the pizzas and they sure weren’t kidding. I think we waited close to 45 minutes for our order and we were beginning to wonder if it was worth it.

Hell yeah, it was. We had ordered a Chicago-style and a pan-style pizza and both were delicious. They were hot, cheesy, flavorful and so filling. The pizza sauce had a fiery kick to it, I liked it. My personal favorite was the Chicago-style, I think it had to do with the crust.

An absolute recommendation. You must try it at least once, even if it is a jaunt for you. And maybe call ahead to put your order in.

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