Surprise! Happy 31st, Yao!

Happy Birthday Yao!
Why throw a surprise 30th birthday when you know the birthday boy will expect it when you can just go ahead and throw him a surprise one for his 31st? He will never know what hit him and that was what happened.

After an elaborate ruse where the guys were going to play poker, Yao’s wife lured him back to the house because she couldn’t figure out how to use the DVD player. And as a good husband, he actually came home to help her! (I know for a fact that Bob would not have done that, he would have just walked me through the process.) He actually was surprised (yay) but at the same time, he was slightly disappointed that he wasn’t playing poker. He quickly got over that once he saw that huge gathering of friends.

What does one do at at surprise 31st party? You eat, you drink and you play beer pong! Ah, brings me back to my good ole college days!

Happy birthday, Yao!

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