Spring FPC Trivia Night 2011

I do love FPC trivia nights because, not only are they fun, but the categories are creative. And plus, they always have a theme! This year’s theme was rules. The answer could be a rule or the question was a rule, they were rules. Now this year’s appearance was a bit different, we did not have our usual Dream Team. Bob and his dad were otherwise occupied and so we had to come up with a couple of fresh faces. After hearing about our past performances at this trivia night, the newbies were a bit intimidated and we expected a lot out of them.

Boy, did we perform! Even without two of our usual suspects, we still won! Woo-hoo! And this wasn’t an easy trivia night since I’m not really all about rules.

Rules of the Bible: We had to name all 10 Commandments. I sat back on this one because I only really knew the popular ones. There were enough churchgoers to answer this one.

Rules of the Game: The clue was a rule of a board game and you had to guess which board game it was. A fun category and made me want to go play some board games.

Baseball Rules: I sat back on this one and let Colin run with it.

Rules of the Road: I claimed the stereotype of female Asian drivers. But apparently, you wouldn’t want to drive with quite a few tables with some of their scores in this round.

Flag Rules: Did you know that Sarah Palin signed an American flag, a big no-no in the flag handbook. Freakin’ dumbass.

Composition: Oh, my. Grammar and sentence structure. Brings me back to elementary school.

TSA Carry-on Rules: This category was interesting. They stated something and you had to decide if you could carry them on the plane. And just a heads up, you cannot have gel inserts.

Government Rules: I was afraid these would be all questions on the amendments, thankfully, they were not.

TV & Movies: This category either had rule in the question or rule in the answer.

And for the life of me, I can’t remember the 10th category. Oh well, you get the gist. I’m excited to see what they come up with next and for the two that missed this night, you have a lot to live up to.

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