2011 FloraDora Gala

This year, I was lucky enough to be offered tickets again for the Circus Flora annual fundraising gala. Since the people raved about having such a great time last year, I couldn’t deny them the food, show and all-you-can-eat/stash cake pops! Who would have thought that dressing up like adults would garner such fun? I’m thinking the open bar and free food may have something to do with that, along with the fun entertainment.
Group shot in the drizzle
We thought this year, we would go for a more casual look and it’s good that we did since there was a small downpour as soon as we got there. Having that many people crowded under one tent can make for even the non-claustrophobic a bit panicky. The rain did subside rather quickly and I shot out of there to get my hands on the finger food deliciousness.

Once we had our fill, we all filed into the Big Top for the show. There were a couple of acts that we had seen last year:
Lasso Lesson
Swinging girls

And there were some new ones:
Down down baby
Juggling on horseback

Since it was a fundraiser, Bob had to participate:
New Bidder!
We tried for the vacation home in Aspen, but alas, it was just a little bit out of our price range. But that didn’t stop us from tearing up the ring during the dance party afterwards.
We be flossin'
The forbidden dance
Hula girl
Another wonderful evening under the circus tent. We will see you next year! Here are the rest of the pictures.

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