A Month of Celebrations

As you can tell, we’ve been busy the last few months and so blogging has fallen to the wayside. I am trying to rectify that. Since so much has happened, I figured I can encompass a few things at once.

This past month was filled with with celebrations. Let’s get to it:

Birthday Tequila!
We first celebrated Andrew’s 30th! Way to go, old man! You made it to 30! We started at the Blue Sea for dinner (by the way, no more all you can eat sushi, how sad) and then headed to Trainwreck where some girls serenaded the locals.
Here are the rest of the pictures from that evening.

Next, it was my sister’s going away gathering. Sniffle. Damn bitch decided that she was moving to Cali and leaving her big sister in the Midwest. So selfish! :)
Jen and Chris
No really, I’m happy for her, just a bit sad that she won’t be around. So, to properly send her off, we had dinner and dessert at the Fountain. After a few hours there, we found Tom’s, a bar in the CWE that had karaoke and away we went!
Like a Prayer
Holy moly, even the boys got up and sang!
The fellas, performing Santa Monica
Fatbottomed girls make Yao's world go 'round.
What a send-off! I do have to say, Tom’s was pretty cool. Most of the people who got up and sang were pretty good (or at least they picked great songs) and the atmosphere was laid-back and not crowded at all. Plus side, no smoking!

Click here for the rest of the photos.

Lastly, Miss Sarah’s 26th birthday. Yep, the young one is now officially in her late 20s.
Jen, Monika, Sarah, Amanda
Oh to be that age again, sigh. We celebrated by going down to ITAP in Soulard. The company was great, the service was absolutely terrible. For a place that touts so many beers on tap, it took Bob seven different orders before he just said, “At this point, literally any beer will do.”

Pics, please click here.

It was a busy month and the next few months will be even busier but I wouldn’t trade it. That’s our life and we love it!

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