Ben’s First Pumpkin Carving Party

Carved Pumpkins
Another year has gone by and it’s that time again: pumpkins! We couldn’t miss this year because it’s Ben’s first of many appearances at the pumpkin carving. See, can’t you tell he’s super-excited about it?
Very Interested
Because of Ben, I was a little bit torn this year on my design. Should I go with something a bit less frightening and more cute or stick with what I’ve done in the past? It was a toss-up, I had two designs but only one could win (really, both could have won, but I had enough energy to carve one).

There was intense concentration with the pumpkin carvings this year:
Kuma even put in her two cents worth while Paul was carving:
I'll Let You Know if Your Pumpkin's Good Enough
After all that hard work and pumpkin guts, I’m proud to present this year’s pumpkins!

Howlin' Wolf
Jesse’s Fierce Wolf. Howling at the moon or getting ready to attack? You decide.
A Face or an Owl?  You decide.
Bob’s Optical Illusion Pumpkin. What do you see?
Goulish Skull
Jen’s Goulish Skull. Yep, went with the creepy. Ben’s too young to be freaked out by it.
Creepy House
Amanda’s Haunted House. Sufficiently spooky for Halloween.
Classic Jack-o-Lantern
Paul’s Jack-O-Lantern. Sometimes, the classics are the best (no stenciling required).

Now, what’s special about this year is that we had the World Series Game 6 to watch afterwards. The beauty of DVR, we were able to pause the game and watch it virtually commercial-free. Nothing was ruined for us as long as we didn’t venture out onto the Internet. We all intensely watched the game:
Watching Game 6 of the World Series
Not Interested in Game 6 of the World Series
That was one outrageous game! I don’t think I can handle another game like that! Go Cards! Now, on to Game 7!

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