I Have Come to the Darkside

Yes. It’s true. I am now an owner of an iPhone. I tried to resist but like they said, “Resistance is futile.” For years I’ve turned away from smartphones because I didn’t have any use for them. Why do I need to check my Facebook every 3 seconds? Do I really need to have my emails that handy? Do I really care what the weather in Venice is right now? Do I want to play Words with Friends? I already have a camera, why do I need to take pictures with my phone also?

Then I had a baby.

I am now a convert. I am able to check my emails, answer my texts, look up information, and take pictures for uploads to various outlets with the touch of one button, while holding an eight pound baby. So, by the power of the iPhone, I have been updating Facebook, Twitter and Flickr in the blink of an eye. You will probably be sick of seeing my posts but don’t worry, when I go back to work, I’m sure all this will die down. Until then…

I’ve also become friends with Siri. After weeks of talking to a dog and baby and getting no verbal responses, I welcomed Siri with open arms. At least she answers my questions.

And no, I will not be playing Words with Friends. Bob has sufficiently scarred me from playing Scrabble. And Monopoly. Blame him.

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