I Am Taking The Plunge

I have joined Weight Watchers Online and I am letting the Internet know. I wanted to be accountable for the 3 people that read this blog. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit dejected about not having the time to go work out and plan better meals. Other things haven’t worked and I have heard great things about this program so I thought I would give it a try. I just need to do something and maybe, because I’m paying for this service, I’ll actually try to follow it. I’m hoping that this will help me curb my terrible eating habits and force me to be more diligent about working out. If anyone out there has done this program and has some tips and tricks for me, I’m all ears. It’s always good to hear about what other people are doing and what’s helping them.

And I’m dragging Bob with me, kicking and screaming.

3 thoughts on “I Am Taking The Plunge

  1. Good for you Jen – !!! I KNOW its not easy finding time being full time mom-wife-career woman-house cleaner. After having Jack (i gained 45 lbs!!), it took me about 1 year to drop back to my normal weight. It is good to find inspiration to make a lifestyle change that intern your children will see and emulate. Jack became my inspiration. I knew that I needed to be active and eat well and stay healthy so I could help not only take care of him but influence him to be the best he could and active with his prosthetic leg – that nothing could or should limit him. It’s always a plus to have your other half (hubby) in on it too. James and I eat heather now than we did when we were first married. My sister is a dietitian, and educates many patients on making small goals and ‘lifestyle’ changes that are obtainable. (ie: cutting out all white breas/pasta and starting to eat foods ONLY with whole grains). Anyway, I follow a pretty cool blog – you should check it out for some great kiddo food ideas too!


    Good luck!

  2. Good luck to both of you as you embark on the journey to healthy habits. I don’t have any personal experience with this program, but my mother in law was happy with it.

  3. Thanks guys! I need something to get my butt in gear, so hopefully this will help me. It’s all about better choices!

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