Optimist Club Trivia Night

Our first trivia of 2013, yay! This trivia was on our calendar for a couple of months now and we had enough participants for: boys vs. girls, heck yeah!

We had been to the Electricians Hall before and it’s a big space. And since it is a big space, the sound echoes, so it’s a little hard to hear. But you have enough room between tables to maneuver to the bar, which is very important and they do have a projector set up so we can read the questions. This trivia’s categories were: Trios, Now Playing, Remote Places, From Russia With Love, Gardening, The Sound of Music, Famous MDs, Best Sellers, The One and Only, and Stargazing. Now, don’t be fooled by some of the categories, you think you may know what it’s about, but it’s something else. This tells you something about the organization when you have a category of “From Russia With Love” and it’s to guess the VODKA flavor. That’s right, we had test tubes of vodka. When you have two pregnant women and one who is allergic to alcohol on the team, you are at a disadvantage. But I did take one for the team and had sippies. Just a heads up, bacon vodka smells like dog food (Krissy was more specific, she said Beggin’ Strips) and jalapeno vodka melted my taste buds, it was so horrible. But I do have one complaint: stop with the 80s songs during the music category, I CANNOT answer those!

This was a pretty fun trivia night, the categories were creative and challenging. I had such a fun time with our neighbors, they are a great group of people to hang out with. The girls may have gone into the night claiming that we all sucked at trivia, but we ended up in the top ten. Unfortunately, we lost to the boys by 2 measly points, dang it. Oh well, there’s always another trivia night to get our revenge!

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