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About The Site
Crackerandcheese.com is a website that details the daily life of Jen and Bob, their son Benjamin and their dog Kuma.

About The Adults
Jen and Bob met at Truman State University in sunny Kirksville, Missouri. They fell in love, graduated, and finally got married on June 15, 2002. They live in St. Louis and probably will forever.

Jen works in the financial industry and Bob is a web developer at an ad agency.

Jen was born in New Jersey and moved to St. Louis as a child. Bob was born and raised in St. Louis. Since this is St. Louis we’re talking about, we are obligated to tell you that Jen went to Parkway North and Bob went to Hazlewood West. That’s right: Jen is totally slumming it.

Their hobbies include cooking, eating, exercising, video gaming, sleeping, reading, and playing dominoes. It’s an exciting life.

About the Child
Benjamin was born on September 14, 2011. A riveting account of his debut can be found here. He’s frickin’ adorable:

Very Interested

About The Dog
In 2004, Jen and Bob adopted a Lab Mix named Jewell and promptly renamed her Kuma, because who names a dog Jewell? Especially one as cute as this:

Kuma was up all night with the baby.

See? Cute dog!

Her hobbies include eating, sleeping, pooping, and shedding.