Poor Pound Puppy

Poor Pound Puppy, originally uploaded by Cracker and Cheese.

Four years ago today, I was all alone, sitting in my cell, waiting to be loved. Then Mommy and Daddy came in and adopted me! Since then, it’s been all treats and sunbeams for me. Except for that stupid vacuum cleaner and the occasional thunderstorm. I love being with my mommy and daddy, even if they do dress me up in some ridiculous outfits. Adopt a puppy from the Humane Society and you can give another dog the same kind of awesome life that I have.

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Do I Have to Puppysit?

Meet Reagan

I don’t know why Mommy and Daddy are making me puppysit all week. It’s so unfair! And starting on my birthday, no less. I better get a great present for all of this.

I guess I’ll introduce you to my charge. His name is Reagan and he is 7 months old. I can’t tell what type of mix he is, I think Black Lab and something else. All I have to say is that he is long and he’s got stubby legs. He’s always walking under me. He is SO exhausting! All he ever wants to do is play and I can only play so long. I’m an old dog! And he seems to be in my personal space a lot. I’m thinking maybe that’s a puppy thing. But so far, he listens to Mommy and Daddy way more than he listens to me. I’m so glad that they’re there to help me out.

It’s Tough Being Me

Mommy and Daddy felt really guilty for leaving me with Grandpa and Grandma Hwang over Christmas. That meant I got a new bed and new toys! Woof me! Here I am enjoying my new bed with my new favorite zebra while Mommy keeps taking my picture.


Mommmmmmmy! Stop with the pictures! Make her stop, Daddy!

I'm so embarassed!