Here for the beer: The Roundup!

OK, so I’ve slacked off on blogging our bowling activities lately. Thankfully, Brandon has kept up with it. With this post, I officially get back in the saddle, to reclaim the title of the bowling blogger.

The last three weeks, we have been struggling a bit. Only two points out of seven for the last three weeks have dropped the Rushmore Academy Bowling Club to the bottom of our division, but we are only seven points out of first place.

This last week saw yet another precipitous drop in the third game, even as I realized that I need to keep my ball speed up. The bright side this week was Andrew bowling his ass off. Maybe next week will be better for me…

Jen – 138 123 148
Andrew – 140 152 136
Bob – 153 171 127
Brandon – 166 180 213

Here for the Beer, Part II: The Redemption

Before we get to our weekly wrapup of the hot bowling action at the Here for the Beer league at Olivette Lanes, let’s travel back in time to Sunday…

Jen and I were at her parents’ house hanging out, spreading some Kuma love and talking bowling with her dad, and avid bowler. I was trying to get Jen into buying into the idea of me getting a real bowling ball to replace my $1 rummage sale special, when my father-in-law got up to go out to the garage. A few moments later, he called me outside where lo and behold, a ton of bowling balls were spread out around the garage. He told me to pick whichever ones I liked and I could have them. I thanked him profusely and chose 4 balls to take to the lanes and give a whirl. Of the four, I liked the green one the best (naturally), and brought that one out for our league last night.

Still reeling (but with a ton of handicap pins) from my 119 average to start the season, I figured the only way to go was up, and with my new ball at my side, I stepped up to the line. The beer flowed, the pins flew and after all was said and done, I had redeemed myself quite nicely. Jen had another awesome night (she’s the ringer!), while Brandon and Andrew did not do so well. All in all, we won 5 out of a possible 7 points (winning two games and the overall) to cap a successful second week.

Here are the scores:

Name Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Avg
Bob 161 197 107 155
Jen 163 148 164 158
Andrew 121 121 95 112
Brandon 155 153 205 170

Yet another precipitous drop in the third game for me, fortunately, that’s the one Brandon knows how to bowl in. He needs to start practice an hour early, while I need to practice not at all. Or just not drink as much. One of the two.

Here for the Beer

Tonight, Jen proved to me that she is, indeed, my best bowling buddy. Our summer bowling league started tonight and with the assistance of Brandon and Andrew, Jen and I went out and rolled a few. Bowling under the banner of The Rushmore Academy Bowling Club, this fearsome foursome knocked down some pins, to be certain. Of the four of us, Brandon is the one who is good and has fun, but gets scarily competitive for a couple frames each game. You know you have to watch out when a brother brings more bowling balls to the alley than his bag can carry. Jen is the quiet, consistent one that secretly carries the whole team. Even though she bowls with the wrong hand, she’s guaranteed to kick my ass two games out of three. Andrew is the one we coerced into joining the team, and we hope he is having fun. From my point of view, I’m here to have a good time, roll a solid first game and help with the handicap the rest of the way.

Moving forward, I will be updating you, fearless reader, with our progress throughout the summer. I’ll even try to SPARE you my awful puns in describe our endeavours on the lanes. Stay tuned!

Week 1:
BOB: 140 126 106
JEN: 121 164 159

(We won’t post Brandon’s and Andrew’s scores without their consent.)

Bowling for Charity

Because we are good people (and Yao asked us to come), we met up with Yao, Kenny, Mark and Brandon at the Brunswick Zone on Olive to bowl for charity. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society threw a bowl-a-thon for $15, with proceeds going toward medical research. This worthy endeavor was enough to get us out of the house on a Saturday night, if you can believe that.

Jen, once again, destroyed all comers when it came to the actual bowling, but besides that, we managed to have other fun. Inhaling helium, drinking heavily, winning door prizes, and eating Bowling Alley Fries all had their moments, but the most hilarious moment came when we accidentally switched the language on our scoring machines to Chinese. While hilarious, this presented a problem because even though 60% of our party were at least partially of Asian descent, we were unable to figure out how to change it back to good old English. Fortunately, an employee of the bowling alley was able to figure it out. Phew.

All in all, a good time was had by us and a worthy cause was supported. It is good to get out of the house from time to time.