Do You Wanna Go For A Walk?

Whenever you ask our dog, Kuma, this question, she perks her ears up, starts wagging her tail so hard that her whole body wiggles and rushes to the door, ready to investigate the neighborhood.

Whenever you ask Katie’s cat, Cooper, this same exact question, this is what he does:

He goes “cat”-atonic.

We barely made it off of the front porch. From this experience, I just don’t understand why they call it a “cat-walk,” there was no such walking going on.

A Child Invasion

Last weekend, some good friends came down to visit us before moving to Hawaii. (You read that correctly, Hawaii. I hate them right now.) Well, their little boy, Alexander is just shy of 3 and has never ridden the train so how perfect? Ride the train from KC to STL and see some friends.

I was a little concerned how Kuma would react to having a “fur-less, two-legged puppy” running around her domain but it wasn’t a problem at all! I couldn’t believe how good she was around Alexander. She tolerated the high-pitched screeching, the aggressive petting, the tail-pulling and even him sitting on her back once. He would constantly feed her treats and human food and she would ever so gently, take it out of his tiny fingers, not even a little nibble on his skin. I was so proud of her. I guess all the times I’ve squished her, pulled her tail, tugged on her ears, just torturing her prepared her for the presence of children. Awesome!

Saturday was a full day of fun for the Doyles. We took them to the Zoo. We went into the Children’s Zoo where Alexander got to pet some goats and guinea pigs:

I got to pet a chicken and a llama:

Got eaten by a hippo:

And had a otter photo bomb us:

We then all rode the train to Big Cat Country (remember, Alexander loves trains):

And saw the newest addition to the Zoo family (he’s so gangly):

From the Zoo, we had lunch and then drove down to The Magic House. Okay, if you have children, you HAVE to take them to the Magic House! There are things for everyone, including the big kids! Now, Alexander mostly stuck in the toddler section and as exciting that is for Bob and me, we thought we would explore the rest of the place.

We spent quite a bit of time in the Bubble Room:

Had to touch the electrostatic generator:

Tested our reaction time (which I beat Bob, by almost a second)

And saw the future:

And wouldn’t you believe it? It’s part of the STL101! Remember that little project?

54. At the Magic House. The four-floor Kirkwood kiddie landmark includes everything from a mirror maze to an art studio to a science lab, all predictably pint-size. A visit there can turn the everyday into the enchanting. And the Van de Graaff generator can be downright hair-raising—but in a good way.

Of course, you have to top off the trip to St. Louis with Ted Drewes!

Laura, Freddie and Alexander, it was so great that you guys got to come down and spend the weekend with us. We had such a fantastic time and we can’t wait to come out to Hawaii to visit! I’m saving my pennies!

And for some more photos of our weekend, just click here.

Hello Chen-Chen!

Meet Chen, a 1 year-old Chow mix that is so adorable, he looks like a big, fluffy fox. He has been described as “wild and disobedient” and for some crazy reason, my mother was tapped to watch him this past weekend. Um, really? The only dog that she’s ever watched was Kuma, the most lazy dog you will ever meet; all she does is eat, sleep and poop. We had to step in.

Because we’ve had some experience with dogs and I can put the fear of God in them, I knew we could handle 24 hours with him. Usually, when a dog is described as wild, it really means that he’s super-hyper. The perfect prescription to cure the wild: wear him the eff out. And that’s where Kuma earns her keep around this house.

With any first meeting of a new dog, Kuma has to assert her dominance, which she did, quite loudly. Once Chen realized that he wasn’t going to win this fight, everyone got along just fine and playtime ensued.

Now, Kuma will typically pin her opponent down and try to roll over them but Chen wasn’t going to just lie and take it. So there was quite a few chest bumps:

When Chen figured out that Kuma wasn’t going to back down easily, he thought he could throw Kuma off her game with this look:

Nope, it didn’t faze her. Kuma just retaliated with a chest kick:

In the end, after hours of on-and-off playtime, Kuma said enough:

When the owners came home, they called to thank us for watching him and exclaimed that he was so well-behaved and calmer. I would like to take credit for that, that I worked my magic on him. But in reality, he was probably too tired to misbehave. I’m sure he’ll be back to his old self soon.

Another Lost Dog

Thursday night, Kuma was sitting quietly at her corner, keeping vigilant on the comings and goings of the neighborhood dogs and critters when suddenly she started going insane. This was not your usual “How dare you walk in front of my house” barking but it was more of a “Omigod, omigod, omigod! You’re on my lawn, get of of my lawn!” She kept up her crazy barking and smooshing her face in the window, I finally got up to check out the situation. I opened the door to see this little guy on my walkway, so of course, I go and pick him up. The little guy was so terrified, he was shaking. After a couple of minutes of cooing and snuggling him (he is a fantastic hugger), he finally relaxed a bit and I brought him in. Well what do you know? No collar. Why am I not surprised? Why are owners so irresponsible? Grrr. This absolutely makes my job so much harder.

When Bob got home, we drove around for 45 minutes, looking for people who looked like they were looking for this tiny, tiny animal. No luck, though. Katie was our savior and loaned us her cat carrier for the night so we could keep him from peeing around the house and from Kuma thinking that he was a moving squeaky toy.

I took him to Animal Control the next day to see if he was microchipped and sadly, he wasn’t so I had to leave him behind. Hopefully, his owners will be smart enough to call looking for this little cutie-pie.

You can’t win them all. Running total: 7 families reunited, 1 still lost.

Hello, Gus-Gus

Please say hello to Gus-Gus, Krissy and Kenny’s “brother” (Kenny’s mom’s dog). He may be only 9 pounds of cuteness but he can keep up with the best of them. Kuma didn’t really know what to think about him when he first came over but soon warmed up to him enough to not trample him when they played together. That’s got to be something when Kuma realizes that she has to be careful with a dog that small, it’s not a moving squeaky toy for her to step/chomp on.