Notre Dame Club Trivia Night

It’s trivia season! When the weather gets cool and the leaves begin to change, you know it’s time to brush up on your useless knowledge and bring out your stretchy pants.

This past weekend’s trivia night was put on by the Notre Dame Club of St. Louis. Our resident alumni put the team together and we were ready to dominate. The last time she had put a team together, they came in second so there was some pressure to repeat. With our brain food set out, we were ready to play.

It was a pretty fun trivia night, there was a mixture of hard and easy categories. Some of the more memorable ones were: Baby Celebrities, Geography and GPS, Science, Presidential Elections, Movie Quotes, and 90s TV. I kicked butt with Baby Celebrities (US Weekly is my study guide) and I was all about 90s TV (apparently I didn’t have much of life). I also learned that the brontosaurus doesn’t exist. (Why is everything I learned as a child being taken away from me? Pluto and now the brontosaurus.) Geography and GPS was a challenging category but I really enjoyed it. You would be given an address and its longitude and latitude and you had to guess the capital.

We ended up finishing in 4th place (actually, we were tied for 3rd but lost the tiebreaker) but that’s a win in my book. Notre Dame Club of St. Louis, thank you for the trivia night, what a way to start us off.

I Am Taking The Plunge

I have joined Weight Watchers Online and I am letting the Internet know. I wanted to be accountable for the 3 people that read this blog. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit dejected about not having the time to go work out and plan better meals. Other things haven’t worked and I have heard great things about this program so I thought I would give it a try. I just need to do something and maybe, because I’m paying for this service, I’ll actually try to follow it. I’m hoping that this will help me curb my terrible eating habits and force me to be more diligent about working out. If anyone out there has done this program and has some tips and tricks for me, I’m all ears. It’s always good to hear about what other people are doing and what’s helping them.

And I’m dragging Bob with me, kicking and screaming.

Ben Sure Knows How to Party For His First Birthday

It’s incredible how fast time flies. I know we all say, “Where does the time go?” but when you have a baby, it goes even faster. All of a sudden, he’s now one and you can’t even believe it.

First birthday parties are really for the parents to celebrate. It’s a chance for us to throw a party and have people cheer and congratulate us on not murdering each other or somehow forgetting the baby in a store or something. (And for all of you who made fun of our Post-It note, this is why Ben is still around.) Of course we were going to party like it’s 1999, bitches!

Ben’s Birthday Extravaganza was actually a three day event (yes, this baby had three birthday parties, INSANE). We started off with having a little party for his buddies at daycare on Friday. Bob and I brought some mini-cupcakes for everyone to enjoy, including Ben:

Yep, that was his first taste of processed sugar and he LOVED it. Crap. This is not going to be good for me when he starts asking for sugary treats. The kid actually cried when I took his cupcake away. Cried.

Day Two was dubbed Ben’s Birthday Barbeque Bash. This one was actually our party where we had friends come drink, eat, be merry and sit around a firepit on the driveway. (We are classy like that.) I wasn’t going to have Ben play with a cake because I thought only grandparents and family would be interested but there were quite a few requests so how could I say no? Sarah was so sweet and offered to bake his special cake. In my head, I thought she would bake this little cake with white frosting and a bit of writing. Nope, she did this:

It was so gorgeous, for a moment, I considered having Ben smash the Walmart cake instead. Since she had worked so hard on it for him, I let him have it. And he sure did put on a show:

Yep, when I took it away, he cried. Again.

Day Three was called Ben’s Birthday Brunch. We had family and close family friends over for brunch and since I didn’t go to bed until 4:30 AM and woke up at 7:00 AM, I was running on pure adrenaline and sugar (we had quite of bit of cake and sweets left over). Ben’s third and final cake was made by Bob’s mom and she had decorated it with baby puffs on it to entice him to play with the cake. As soon as he saw the puffs, he started digging for them:

Then he realized that frosting was on this cake as well:

It was incredible to see all of our friends and family this weekend celebrating Ben’s birthday. We are so fortunate to have you all in our lives, helping us, supporting us, just being there for us. Ben is such a lucky kid. As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Thank you for being our village.

The Big Winner At Trivia Is…

Bob’s cousin is in the high school band and for the past couple of years, they have held a trivia night to raise funds to purchase new band equipment. Of course we are suckers for trivia nights (it’s an addiction, I need help) so we drove down to Oakville to exercise our trivia skills. The first trivia night of 2012!

The trivia night was pretty good, there were some difficult categories (catastrophes, potpourri, famous women) and some easy ones (retro toys and nostalgic candy). The creepiest moment of the night happened in the retro toys round:

And for those who care, that’s Pregnant Midge.

But the real excitement for me that night was the silent auction items. I went a bit crazy and bid on quite a few things and surprisingly, I won quite a few things. Whoops! The loot: 2 white rocking chairs (yep, you heard right, I won 2 freakin’ rocking chairs for $55 each, it was bullshit that I had to bid on them separately and would have been mighty upset if I only got one), a photography session for $25 that includes an 11×14 photo (I figured now that I have a kid, I better take some family photos) and the biggest basket of Bath & Bodyworks products (luckily I split that with Bob’s aunt or else people would be getting lotions as gifts for YEARS). Score! Now, I can’t wait until spring so I can have a professional photo session of me sitting in my rocking chair spritzing Ben with the scent of Black Amethyst.

Supper Club: February 2, 2012

Chicken with Citrus Sauce & Spinach Gratin
Entree: Chicken with Citrus Sauce. This is a delicious meal and fairly simple. The only thing is that it does take a while for you to make the sauce. I do enjoy the citrus flavor, it’s very refreshing and flavorful. My suggestion would omit adding the sections of fruit to the dish afterwards, it made it a bit too tart for my taste.
Homemade Oatmeal Creme Pie
Side Dish: Spinach Gratin. A word of warning: this makes A LOT. I have never had spinach gratin before and for the first time, it wasn’t too bad. I ended up picking off the cheese but you know I’m not one for eating a lot of baked cheese.

Dessert: Homemade Oatmeal Creme Pies. This dessert brought me back to college when I practically lived off of oatmeal creme pies. Then I got so burnt out on them that I hadn’t had any since then (10 years!). Two thumbs up, it tastes just as good as the Little Debbie versions, maybe even better.