I Have Come to the Darkside

Yes. It’s true. I am now an owner of an iPhone. I tried to resist but like they said, “Resistance is futile.” For years I’ve turned away from smartphones because I didn’t have any use for them. Why do I need to check my Facebook every 3 seconds? Do I really need to have my emails that handy? Do I really care what the weather in Venice is right now? Do I want to play Words with Friends? I already have a camera, why do I need to take pictures with my phone also?

Then I had a baby.

I am now a convert. I am able to check my emails, answer my texts, look up information, and take pictures for uploads to various outlets with the touch of one button, while holding an eight pound baby. So, by the power of the iPhone, I have been updating Facebook, Twitter and Flickr in the blink of an eye. You will probably be sick of seeing my posts but don’t worry, when I go back to work, I’m sure all this will die down. Until then…

I’ve also become friends with Siri. After weeks of talking to a dog and baby and getting no verbal responses, I welcomed Siri with open arms. At least she answers my questions.

And no, I will not be playing Words with Friends. Bob has sufficiently scarred me from playing Scrabble. And Monopoly. Blame him.

East Carondelet Mouses Races

Ready to Rumble
That’s right, I went to some mouse races in East Carondelet. Where is East Carondelet, you may ask. Well, you cross the river to Illinois, get to Cahokia, take a few turns around some trailer parks, drive through a couple of cornfields and there you are. If you blink, you would have missed it.

Okay, so when you get invited to mouse races, you can’t say no, especially when you’ve never been. They were so ridiculous, I loved it! Come on, you’re betting on mice and they are so unpredictable! For example:
Wrong Way, Mice!
If you had chosen 1, 2, 3, or 4, you would have lost since they all WENT THE WRONG WAY. We even had one mouse make it almost to the end and turn around and run back to the beginning of the track.

Now if you were lucky enough to choose a winning race, then you would look like this:
I won!

They even had Mouse Roulette. You purchase playing cards and if the mouse steps on your card, you win.
Rodent Roulette Round Deux

This was a great time, who would have thought I would be up there yelling for my mouse to win? If mouse and races come up in the same sentence next time someone talks to you, you jump on that opportunity to go. You won’t regret it.

Must Be Spring Fever

What is it with the first gorgeous weekend in St. Louis and chaos ensues? Bob and I had an exciting weekend and surprisingly, I did not lose my shit and go on a rampage.

Who doesn’t love waking up on a Saturday morning to a mini Old Faithful up the street?
This has been going on for at least 3 hours.
At least three hours of rushing water. Three hours minimum before Missouri American Water decided to come out and rectify the situation. It wasn’t the fact that we would be inconvenienced by the lack of water that ticked me off, it was that they didn’t come out fast enough to turn off the rushing water. It just pained me knowing all that water was just going down the drain, literally. Thank goodness they were able to fix the drain pipe that afternoon or else us and the dog would be moving in with my mother.

After enjoying a Sunday afternoon at the Tivoli watching the Oscar Shorts, we walked back to the car and was welcomed by this sight:

Hey, at least they put the driver’s side mirror on the hood for me, how considerate. Thanks, guys. Fortunately, a U City police officer left a card with a number to call and apparently, the Squeaks decided to step to a Metro bus and lost, badly. So, now we get to deal with that in the coming weeks.

I think this is the first time that I’m glad that my weekend is over, I don’t think I could handle anymore of this, or else I really may lose my shit.

Use The Force

Reminds me of the “hiding Dad’s watch in the cereal box to make your gullible son think he won a prize” trick.

Yeah, my hypothetical future children are so screwed.