Do You Wanna Go For A Walk?

Whenever you ask our dog, Kuma, this question, she perks her ears up, starts wagging her tail so hard that her whole body wiggles and rushes to the door, ready to investigate the neighborhood.

Whenever you ask Katie’s cat, Cooper, this same exact question, this is what he does:

He goes “cat”-atonic.

We barely made it off of the front porch. From this experience, I just don’t understand why they call it a “cat-walk,” there was no such walking going on.

Now, A Marathon Posting Session

Did you know that one can hurt oneself when folding laundry? Yes, apparently sitting on the bed, cross-legged, folding laundry will tweak your lower back so bad that it will make you cry. Lesson here is that you should not ever do laundry, leave that up to your significant other.

Really, I think it was a sign that I needed to slow down and post what’s been happening to me for the past three weeks. I guess the only way to update this blog is to disable me. So, if I have to sit here and post, you have to sit there and read.

This Is Why You Haven’t Heard From Us

That is me. Lying on the futon. Which is currently on the floor in the living room. The futon (or giant dog bed) was originally dragged out when we got back from our vacation in order to watch the second week of the Olympics. And it has not moved since. This was a big mistake. I can’t get anything done. I mean, as soon as I get home, it just calls to me, telling me to lay down on it and snuggle with it because it’s been lonely all day. I can’t resist it, I have no willpower. Bob will come home and see me just lounging on it or napping away, not a care in the world. Does it bother me that there is trash strewn about the house, the dishes haven’t been washed in a week or that our dirty laundry pile has avalanched and now we can’t find Kuma? Nope, I’m good right here.

My name is Jen and I’m lazy.