Slacker and Cheese

So, as many of you may have noticed, I’ve been more than a little bit quiet on the blog here. My day job has been quite busy, and at night I’ve been spending a lot of my time on freelance work. Plus, I’m generally a boring person anyway.

Lately though, I’ve been actually completing some projects both at work and home and having a little more time, so I thought I’d drop by here before Jen changes the name of the blog to “And Cheese”.

I’ve still got videos I need to put up from Kenny’s birthday party, and I’m in the planning stages on programming some cool new stuff for this blog, plus bringing back the dearly departed bsdeluxe. In the meantime, work yourselves into a froth with this repository of awesome information and commentary on this year’s hottest movie: Snakes on a Plane!

Oh yeah.

Playoff Baseball Gives Me Stress Acne

So tonight the Cards lost to the Astros in game 2 of the NLCS. Oswalt pitched a great game and we just didn’t string anything together. I get so worked up watching that I feel all stressed out right now. Seriously. Last night was better, because we won. We’ll bounce back Saturday though. I can feel it. And if my optimism isn’t enough, my devious plan to sabotage the Astros should do the trick:

I am going to release many venomous snakes on their plane ride home.