Today is the day.

This morning, like so many others of late, began with the alarm clock playing oldies at 5:30 in the morning. Except this time, instead of going to the gym and getting fit, we thought we’d focus on the health of my community and my country. We got out of bed and headed down to St. Richard’s (which backs up to our house, so that’s pretty convenient) and were greeted by an overflowing parking lot and a line that I originally pegged at about 200 people, but ended up being about 130. It was just before the polls opened at 6:00 AM. Fortunately, we were able to get inside quickly and then we saw the reason why: they had queued up the line through 5 twists and turns; the gym was filled with sleepy voters. We made our way slowly through the line, retrieved our voter cards, signed the rolls, picked up our ballots, and made our decisions. While other people all over the internet are busy putting together truly eloquent and inspiring words, I will cram my thousand words into a blurry cameraphone picture:

As we left the church, the sun was rising over the hill and illuminating the recently-turned trees. A field of yellow, red, and gold in front of a clear blue Missouri morning. I turned to Jen and said “It’s a beautiful day for change.”

For the live-tweet I did, click here.

A Pumpkin Carving Pizza Party

It’s that time of year again, pumpkin carving! After making our usual trek to Thies Farm to select our blank slates in which to create our works of art, we all dug into our pumpkins tonight. And since it was Wednesday, which means Supper Club, we chose something very fancy for dinner: Papa John’s Pizza. Hey, give me a break here, I was very focused on carving, I had no time to cook! So, four hours later, here is what we have:

The Geeky Pumpkins

These “emotikins” are courtesy of Katie, Kim and Monika (Monika ended up picking a rotten pumpkin so she helped Katie with one of the little guys).

Kate drew the stencil of Hellboy and then transferred it on to her pumpkin to carve. Pretty incredible. That Master’s degree is worth something, eh?

The Political Pumpkins

This is Kim’s “Barak-o-lantern.” Yes, it is one pumpkin, carved with three things. My favorite side is the one with the ghost that says “Boo.” He’s adorable! And the logos look like a pair of eyes staring into your soul, willing you to vote for Obama.

Bob’s Obama pumpkin is based on the Hope poster and looked really weird before the ears were carved.

The Traditional Halloween Pumpkins

These fun, playful ghosts were created by Katie, in the spirit of Halloween.

So, when I picked out this stencil, I didn’t think it would be that hard. Um, yeah, it sucked but I’m glad it looks like the grim reaper because I sure had to improvise.

The Odd Pumpkin

Steve and Colleen carved this adorable rabbit but it didn’t fit in with any of the three categories listed above so it’s all alone. Steve was too good for stencils and thought it was cheating, so he and Colleen drew the rabbit straight on to the pumpkin. It looks like it’s ready to breathe fire at us.

To see the rest of the photos, including my awesome cupcakes, click here.