Optimist Club Trivia Night

Our first trivia of 2013, yay! This trivia was on our calendar for a couple of months now and we had enough participants for: boys vs. girls, heck yeah!

We had been to the Electricians Hall before and it’s a big space. And since it is a big space, the sound echoes, so it’s a little hard to hear. But you have enough room between tables to maneuver to the bar, which is very important and they do have a projector set up so we can read the questions. This trivia’s categories were: Trios, Now Playing, Remote Places, From Russia With Love, Gardening, The Sound of Music, Famous MDs, Best Sellers, The One and Only, and Stargazing. Now, don’t be fooled by some of the categories, you think you may know what it’s about, but it’s something else. This tells you something about the organization when you have a category of “From Russia With Love” and it’s to guess the VODKA flavor. That’s right, we had test tubes of vodka. When you have two pregnant women and one who is allergic to alcohol on the team, you are at a disadvantage. But I did take one for the team and had sippies. Just a heads up, bacon vodka smells like dog food (Krissy was more specific, she said Beggin’ Strips) and jalapeno vodka melted my taste buds, it was so horrible. But I do have one complaint: stop with the 80s songs during the music category, I CANNOT answer those!

This was a pretty fun trivia night, the categories were creative and challenging. I had such a fun time with our neighbors, they are a great group of people to hang out with. The girls may have gone into the night claiming that we all sucked at trivia, but we ended up in the top ten. Unfortunately, we lost to the boys by 2 measly points, dang it. Oh well, there’s always another trivia night to get our revenge!

Notre Dame Club Trivia Night

It’s trivia season! When the weather gets cool and the leaves begin to change, you know it’s time to brush up on your useless knowledge and bring out your stretchy pants.

This past weekend’s trivia night was put on by the Notre Dame Club of St. Louis. Our resident alumni put the team together and we were ready to dominate. The last time she had put a team together, they came in second so there was some pressure to repeat. With our brain food set out, we were ready to play.

It was a pretty fun trivia night, there was a mixture of hard and easy categories. Some of the more memorable ones were: Baby Celebrities, Geography and GPS, Science, Presidential Elections, Movie Quotes, and 90s TV. I kicked butt with Baby Celebrities (US Weekly is my study guide) and I was all about 90s TV (apparently I didn’t have much of life). I also learned that the brontosaurus doesn’t exist. (Why is everything I learned as a child being taken away from me? Pluto and now the brontosaurus.) Geography and GPS was a challenging category but I really enjoyed it. You would be given an address and its longitude and latitude and you had to guess the capital.

We ended up finishing in 4th place (actually, we were tied for 3rd but lost the tiebreaker) but that’s a win in my book. Notre Dame Club of St. Louis, thank you for the trivia night, what a way to start us off.

The Big Winner At Trivia Is…

Bob’s cousin is in the high school band and for the past couple of years, they have held a trivia night to raise funds to purchase new band equipment. Of course we are suckers for trivia nights (it’s an addiction, I need help) so we drove down to Oakville to exercise our trivia skills. The first trivia night of 2012!

The trivia night was pretty good, there were some difficult categories (catastrophes, potpourri, famous women) and some easy ones (retro toys and nostalgic candy). The creepiest moment of the night happened in the retro toys round:

And for those who care, that’s Pregnant Midge.

But the real excitement for me that night was the silent auction items. I went a bit crazy and bid on quite a few things and surprisingly, I won quite a few things. Whoops! The loot: 2 white rocking chairs (yep, you heard right, I won 2 freakin’ rocking chairs for $55 each, it was bullshit that I had to bid on them separately and would have been mighty upset if I only got one), a photography session for $25 that includes an 11×14 photo (I figured now that I have a kid, I better take some family photos) and the biggest basket of Bath & Bodyworks products (luckily I split that with Bob’s aunt or else people would be getting lotions as gifts for YEARS). Score! Now, I can’t wait until spring so I can have a professional photo session of me sitting in my rocking chair spritzing Ben with the scent of Black Amethyst.

Spring FPC Trivia Night 2011

I do love FPC trivia nights because, not only are they fun, but the categories are creative. And plus, they always have a theme! This year’s theme was rules. The answer could be a rule or the question was a rule, they were rules. Now this year’s appearance was a bit different, we did not have our usual Dream Team. Bob and his dad were otherwise occupied and so we had to come up with a couple of fresh faces. After hearing about our past performances at this trivia night, the newbies were a bit intimidated and we expected a lot out of them.

Boy, did we perform! Even without two of our usual suspects, we still won! Woo-hoo! And this wasn’t an easy trivia night since I’m not really all about rules.

Rules of the Bible: We had to name all 10 Commandments. I sat back on this one because I only really knew the popular ones. There were enough churchgoers to answer this one.

Rules of the Game: The clue was a rule of a board game and you had to guess which board game it was. A fun category and made me want to go play some board games.

Baseball Rules: I sat back on this one and let Colin run with it.

Rules of the Road: I claimed the stereotype of female Asian drivers. But apparently, you wouldn’t want to drive with quite a few tables with some of their scores in this round.

Flag Rules: Did you know that Sarah Palin signed an American flag, a big no-no in the flag handbook. Freakin’ dumbass.

Composition: Oh, my. Grammar and sentence structure. Brings me back to elementary school.

TSA Carry-on Rules: This category was interesting. They stated something and you had to decide if you could carry them on the plane. And just a heads up, you cannot have gel inserts.

Government Rules: I was afraid these would be all questions on the amendments, thankfully, they were not.

TV & Movies: This category either had rule in the question or rule in the answer.

And for the life of me, I can’t remember the 10th category. Oh well, you get the gist. I’m excited to see what they come up with next and for the two that missed this night, you have a lot to live up to.

FPC Trivia Night 2010

We penciled in this edition of the FPC Youth Group Trivia Night well ahead of time to avoid some of the scheduling conflicts that have plagued us in the past. Thankfully, we were able to get the Trivia Dream Team (Katie, Kim, Jen, myself and my parents) together to put together another run at the trivia title.

In addition to being an alumnus of the youth group, this trivia night is one of our favorites because of the time and creativity used in coming up with the theme and the question categories (plus we win it frequently). This year, the theme was all about movies. One category required you to name the movie when provided a famous quote. Another had us match the movie with the original book it was based upon. Movie theme songs and freeze-frames were popular categories as well.

Overall, our performance was solid, and the food we brought fit the bill nicely (mmm … bacon-wrapped potato bites) but we came up just short of total victory as my old friend Kara and her table beat us by a point. We settled for a respectable second place, and look forward to redeeming ourselves in the spring