FPC Youth Trivia Night – Spring ’09

OK, so this is a little bit late, but I didn’t want to get two trivia night posts behind, and we are going to the Breaths for Blake fundraiser tonight, so here we go.

Susan Gentry and Tom Galle both put a ton of work into preparation and making sure these trivia nights go off without a hitch, and this year was no exception. The whole affair revolved around the answers to the first category, which, cleverly, was about the game Clue. So each correct answer was a clue to what the other category would be. We fared well, but finished one point back of first place. To soothe our wounds, Jen and I won second row tickets to the Cardinals game in the silent auction. It was a heckuva deal.

Favorite categories: Mr. Boddy’s Body (a homonym category — more brain teaser than trivia, but very fun), Billiards, and the out of nowhere, incredibly difficult, yet educational Peacocks.

Sorry for the short post, but I don’t feel like waxing poetic. I’ve got to brush up on Cystic Fibrosis trivia for tonight’s match.

Trivia Night for Travelers and Hammerheads

Last night, the group went to the Carpenter’s Union to take in a trivia night that supports the Rawlings Travelers and Rawlings Hammerheads baseball teams. Paul’s ex-boss’s son plays on one of the teams, and she bribes people to come with pizza, so in addition to our normal foodstuffs, we had Imo’s to fill our bellies. So good!

As far as the trivia was concerned, we didn’t do well enough to win, but we were within shouting distance when everything was said and done. By that time though, we had been doing trivia for almost four hours. The MC had a hard time keeping control of the crowd and kept wasting time by telling people things like “everyone should know this one”. Some of the questions were poorly worded. He even gave away half of an answer just by prattling on. And his Forrest Gump impersonation was terrible. I guess we are just spoiled by the great job Kevin Carbery does. In any event, it was better than the Oakville Baseball Team Trivia Night.

The night was off to a rough start, with the first category being all about American Idol. None of us at the table follow that cesspool of American “culture”, but the night quickly turned in our favor when I won a raffle prize: a Sports Authority lunch bag filled with Red Bull, popcorn, a Texas Roadhouse gift certificate, and Braveheart. Weird mix, but hey, I’m a winner.

As the night wore on, the categories didn’t get any easier. The St. Louis Sports category was tougher than usual, mainly because of a couple poorly worded questions, but we did really well on Celebrity High School Yearbook, What’s Cooking, Dead or Alive, and Forrest Gump. We also enjoyed the Name That Tune category, but we got killed on Luck of The Irish.

Overall, we had a good time, with good friends and good food. While we didn’t dominate like usual, the open bar helped soothe our bruised egos, and we left the evening in good spirits.

Another Stray Rescue Trivia Night

Last night, Jen, Kim, Kate, Paul, Val, John, Katie, and myself ventured down to Lemay (gasp) to take in a trivia night to benefit Stray Rescue. The trivia night was at a VFW post, and the vets that were manning the bar were straight out of central casting. The beer was cold, the soda was at least over ice, Kevin Carbery (the best trivia MC in St. Louis) was on the mic, and we stopped at Hodak’s on the way down to grab some of the best possible fried chicken (and mashed potatoes, and potato salad, and slaw, and rolls) to help fuel the trivia fire. In addition to the chicken, there were pizza rolls, White Castles, chocolate covered nut clusters, raspberry oat bars, creme filled delights, chocolate covered donuts, chips, and spicy nuts available to feed the trivia beasts.

Once we got our spread set out, we went about the real business of the evening: answering trivia questions. We started out strong, and were near the top of the pack for the entire evening, but Table 1 was perfect through 6 rounds — some real trivia ringers — and we had a hard time keeping up with them. Of note, the Sports category was refreshingly difficult, the What Year Did This Happen category sparked the most discussion, and the Canada category caused the great Montreal vs. Toronto debate of 2009 (Toronto won). And seriously, did you know Shatner was from Montreal? I didn’t.

After the signature Carbery Catch-All Category, the scores were tallied up and the final results were in: Third Place! Not too shabby. We got 100 bucks back as a table, but since it would have been a pain in the ass to split that up 8 ways, we just donated it to Stray Rescue. We had hella fun, and even though it’s pretty rare that we get that far south, I think it was a great experience. And we helped some puppies!

Animal House Trivia Night

A while back, Katie mentioned that it had been a while since we did a Trivia Night. We concurred, and she set about finding the perfect Trivia Night for us to attend. She came upon a fundraiser for Animal House, a homeless animal shelter, that was hosted by St. Louis trivia guru Kevin Carbery and set it up. Jen, Katie, Kate, Kim, Monika, Paul, Mike and I teamed up with Kim’s friends Val and Peter to make a table of 10 and we headed down to the Millennium Hotel (the round one) and their gorgeous banquet rooms for the event.

This was a high class trivia night with a huge turnout, free buckets of AB beer, awesome silent auction items, and local celebrities like Chris Duncan, Brad Thompson and Kyle McClellan in attendance. So naturally, we felt a little out of place, but our trivia skills came through for us, even if we didn’t have the most demographically diverse team. We swept the Artists category thanks to Kate’s Master’s Degree and Kim’s helpful suggestion of Grandma Moses. Paul and I put our sports knowledge together with a bevy of good guesses and logical picks to get 9 out of 10 the surprisingly difficult Guess Their Sport category, in which 3 famous athletes were named and you had to (surprise) guess the sport they played. Of course, Kim swept the Disney category (even if there was a spirited discussion about whether or not Old Yeller saved a kid from a bear or a boar — we ended up Mulliganing that one). One of the answers for the Movie Quotes category was the classic “National Lampoon’s Animal House”, which was a nice tie in for the host organization.

Plus, our food selection was stellar: pizza rolls, veggie tray, cheese and crackers, spinach balls, cookies, chips, dips, chocolate donuts, hot wing dip, and lemon cake, combined with an unending flow of Bud, Bud Light, Bud Select, Michelob Light, and assorted sodas to satiate even the most hungry trivia fiends.

In the end, we came up with 93/100 which was an awesome finish, but the two teams that tied for first place ended up with a stunning 97 points. Oh well. We had a great time and the money went to a good organization.

Q: What do we do at Trivia Nights? A: Win!

This past weekend, we gathered up the old team (Jen, Kim, Katie, my parents and I) and head on up to Florissant Presbyterian Church for the Youth Group Trivia Night Fundraiser. Now, we’ve done this before, and expectations were high, but we got off to a good start with the spread:

You might notice those two open boxes on the left side of the table. We decided to scratch off another one of the STL101 tasks by snagging some Gooey Louie gooey butter cakes.

90. Warm gooey butter cake from Gooey Louie’s, which dared improve on the St. Louis original with eight flavors. Bet you can’t eat just one.

And check out the Trivia Night-specific packaging:

Was it delicious? Does this face lie?

To the trivia: There was a theme for this evening, which was a first for us: all of the categories had to do with animals. So that was a pretty cool twist. We got out to a fast start by knowing 8 out of 10 famous felines. I didn’t think that was a good start, but it was good enough to storm out to a commanding lead, which we held on too for most of the night. Part way through, we did the “Heads or Tails” game, which, to top it off, Kim actually won:

So that was pretty awesome as well. As the evening wore on, it became known that our closest competition were a bunch of blowhards from John Knox Presbyterian that went up to the scorer’s table on three separate occasions to contest the judges’ decisions. Talk about putting the Knox in obnoxious.

As it came down to the final category, we had a one point lead over them. Fortunately, this category was all about dogs, so while we were evidently cat people at the beginning, we were definitely dog people at the end, putting up a 9 / 10 to win by 3. I guess people from John Knox hate dogs.

Victorious again, we gathered our food and went home to hold our bellies, safe in the knowledge that the title of FPC Trivia Champion is in good hands yet again.

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