Okay, it’s a little late for my announcement but I’m announcing it now, so shut it:

Congratulations, Katy on winning the baby pool! She had guessed a boy on September 15 at 2:00pm. No one actually got the correct date except for Bob’s cousin, but she had the wrong gender so she received a consolation prize. Katy, enjoy your Magic 8-Ball and $25 gift card for being on “Target.”

A Weekend of Gluttony

Two weekends ago was a bad weekend if you were on a diet because it flew right out of the window. We started the weekend by having my firm’s holiday luncheon at Pomme Restaurant. I enjoy these lunches because I wouldn’t be able to eat such decadent food on my own. The fish was fantastic but the short ribs were to die for! They were so tender, you didn’t even need a knife to cut into it. And the sauce…the sauce! Yeah, I was uncouth and swirled my bread to sop it up.

On Saturday, we then had lunch at Cardwell’s in Frontenac, where they have this great stir-fry. I know it’s weird, but I do love the bread they serve, I could probably eat an entire basket of it myself. Fried calamari was ordered and it was great. Light, non-greasy and the chipotle dip and a nice splash of heat to it. I ended up with the stir-fry and Bob had the smoked salmon sandwich. Everything was great but I do have to say, I was a bit disappointed with the fries. It tasted like it had freezer burn on it and they still threw it in the fryer. Not so good.

The piece de resistance came Sunday afternoon with Sunday brunch at the Ritz-Carlton. Oh, heavenly. They dedicated the front of the entrance to the dining room for desserts. That’s a lot of desserts! There was sushi, salads, breakfast foods, eggs benedict (my favorite), prime rib (so excellent), soups, rolls, etc. I ate so much there, I had a food baby stuck under my ribs. That delicious! I do enjoy going there for brunch.

So much food, so little stomach space. Yep, that’s one of the perks of my job…consuming millions of calories in a weekend.

You Know That Rumor…

So, I had heard a rumor earlier in the year and he was partially right. Who would have thunk? George Clooney IS filming in my building but not on my floor. Damn. AND IT’S TODAY!!! That’s right, he is here, right now, on the 10th floor. And I forgot my camera, but really, what are the chances that I come face-to-face with him? Like a bizillion to one. So, I will now spend the rest of my day, stalking the 10th floor, hoping to get a glimpse of him and maybe the 6th floor because that’s where the food is. I may take some time to do some work but not likely.

Jen’s First Conference

For the past two days, I was in sunny, sunny Phoenix attending a conference one of my brokerage firms was putting on. I had never been to a conference before and now I am hooked, I need more conferences in sunny locations, preferably when St. Louis is blanketed in snow and ice. After attending and talking with other attendees, I was surprised (and a bit relieved) to find out that my firm is not the only one in the Stone Age and that others have the same aggravating problems that I have to deal with on a daily basis. Of course, with the entire operations department at this conference (the two of us), our office did not fare so well so I’m thinking they won’t be sending us anywhere else anytime in the future. How sad.

We stayed at the Arizona Biltmore and I was in awe at the beauty of the grounds. The pools looked absolutely amazing and I wished I had the time to relax poolside. Everywhere you looked, you can see the Frank Lloyd Wright influence, which I am a fan of. It is a shame that I didn’t bring my camera or else you would know what I was talking about. I’m thinking next time Bob and I visit his aunt and uncle, we may have to steal a couple of nights there.

While there, we were also taken to a couple of wonderful restaurants nearby. For lunch we drove two blocks (it was 110 degrees outside and I was wearing a black suit) to Keegan’s Grill. It was a good bar and grill and I had an excellent Asian salad. Now, for dinner we went to the Capital Grille, this amazing steakhouse. I had a filet encrusted with crushed Kona coffee beans, omigod, so freakin’ good! I wished I could have brought it home but I ended up leaving it in the hotel fridge. So, surprise, housekeeping, you get a half-eaten steak. And the side dishes (a la carte, of course) were great as well. They were served family-style so I was able to try a bit of everything. I really do like being wined and dined.

But as much as I had a blast, I was happy to be back. I’m really not one that likes to stray too far from the comforts of home.